Non-Destructive Testing

Wire rope visual inspection, no matter how rigorous, could leave your company exposed to the risk of unexpected rope failure.

Visual inspection is not the only method available.

Wire rope Non-Destructive Testing is a method of examination used in conjunction with visual inspection, to inspect the complete cross-sectional area of your wire rope. During visual inspections only the actual visible section of the rope is examined, however this is only a small section of the total rope cross-sectional metallic area. When completing wire rope Non-Destructive Testing in conjunction with visual inspection, it allows the inspector to assess 100% of the wire rope’s cross-sectional area.

How It Works

The wire rope is passed through an electro-magnetic sensor head. Changes in the magnetic field are recorded using a computer-aided testing program and then assessed. The inspector is able to pinpoint either single or multiple internal and external wire breaks or detect other issues such as; abrasion, wear, loss of metallic area, and corrosion (either internal or external).

cross cut steel rope