Maritime & Offshore Division

WireCo Ropes produces a complete package of specialty products for the offshore industry which includes but is not limited to a full Single Point Mooring range, permanent Deep Water Mooring lines, MODU lines, oceanographic lifting and coring ropes, deep sea heavy lift ropes, STS transfer ropes and heavy lift slings.

WireCo Ropes continuously strive for improved product performance, customer satisfaction and product innovation. WireCo Ropes has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

The factory of 27,000 m2, WireCo Ropes S.A., is one of the most modern rope factories in the world and is located in Póvoa de Varzim in Portugal. Positioned near the central motorway system with excellent links to the harbour of Oporto makes this company well suited to produce offshore mooring ropes. Recently also our dedicated factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, went into operation.

Our factories are dedicated to the design, production and testing of offshore mooring ropes and specialty products such as deep water installation ropes. The facility is supported with over a decade of experience and expertise from the former business of Quintas & Quintas Offshore. Modern production and testing equipment permits all the following activities to be undertaken in-house:

  • Extrusion of rope yarns
  • Conversion (twisting) of flat yarn into rope yarn
  • Stranding of rope yarns into strands
  • Braiding or twisting of strands into sub-ropes
  • Closing (over braiding) of sub-ropes into mooring ropes
  • Length Measurement System (LMS) under tension
  • Length marking under tension in 75 m increments
  • Axial (anti-twist) line marking
  • Full scale proto-type testing
  • Break strength testing
  • Tension-tension fatigue testing
  • Stiffness and elongation testing
  • Simulation of installation and “What If” scenarios.

WireCo Ropes combine more than two centuries of experience with a strong innovative ability and modern production techniques.

In close cooperation with clients world-wide, the company develops innovative solutions for specific applications. These solutions can be either new products or optimised existing techniques. In this manner WireCo Ropes has been a market leader for decades in the introduction of new, synthetic fibres, starting with polyamide, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene, later followed by HMPE, aramid and the in-house developed Tipto® range.

WireCo focuses especially on specialized fibre ropes and steelwire ropes, with added value with regards to breaking strength, life-time, safety and user friendliness.