Heavy Lifting Division

Optimizing heavy lift payloads is made easier with WireCo Ropes' synthetic ropes. A World Class, specialist rope manufacturer, WireCo brings over 200 years experience to engineering high performance, custom made ropes for lifting operations.

Synthetic ropes offer significant practical advantages over wire ropes in heavy lifting. They are lighter and as strong, if not stronger, than wire. This means that heavier loads can be handled with synthetic rope as there is less weight in the lifting gear, enabling maximum payload lift. In addition, the rope enables a gentler lift, avoiding unnecessary damage to the load. And, if the lifting slings need to be man-handled, the synthetic slings are much easier to handle than wire slings; thus the whole lifting job can be done more safely and efficiently.

WireCo Ropes is able to engineer the synthetic rope construction for the lifting application, optimizing the strength of the rope to ensure that for every load - the payload counts.

We offer two types of lifting rope:

  • Lifting slings or lifting pennants
  • Installation ropes

Lifting slings or lifting pennants are used for many kinds of lifting operations. WireCo Ropes' slings and pennants are constructed from braided ropes. These, "under the hook", slings are pre-stretched to the full extent of their working length and brought into the lifting configuration unloaded. Only once the configuration is operational, the slings or pennant in vertical position or at an angle to the vertical lift, does the loading of the sling or pennant commence.

We believe that only a braided rope provides an optimal spread of loading across all the thousands of yarns inside the lifting tool. This ensures a safe handling operation and efficient use of the rope yarns, contributing to the strength of the sling or pennant.

Installation ropes are synthetic ropes that transfer the load through a bending moment to a top sheave, for example during heave compensation, traction sheaves or simply over a drum when the rope is stored on a winch system.

These, so called, "above the hook" ropes are specially designed to resist bending fatigue. They offer a performance equal or better than steel wire rope under the same conditions. But due to its lighter weight, the same crane can handle a much higher payload.

Optimal Lifting Rope Performance

All the WireCo Ropes synthetic lifting slings, pennants and installation ropes are engineered to provide optimal lifting performance, taking into account all dynamic forces experienced during the lifting operation.

The slings, pennants and installation ropes can be class certified, as required. WireCo Ropes has extensive, in-house rope testing facilities at its Offshore Rope factory in Portugal.

Global Market Perspective

WireCo Ropes is participating in various international industry initiatives with amongst others certifying bodies, in which investigations are being made on the safe use of synthetic heavy lifting devices with efficient design factors. If this is successful, and we have no doubt it will be, it will mark a major advance in the efficiency and application of synthetic ropes for lifting slings, pennants and installation ropes.

WireCo Ropes... It's the Payload that Counts

For the most efficient heavy lift handling ropes, engineered for strength and ease of handling, WireCo Ropes has the commitment, skills and experience you need to maximize the payload for your lift.

Contact us when you are planning your next heavy lift project. We can help you.